To recover the password of the admin user of the camera a factory reset of the camera is required. This procedure will reset all settings to factory default so it will require to have the unit setup again on your network using the Quick-start process used when the camera was initially setup. 

The default username of the camera is listed in your setup guide. Please make sure to try this before performing the steps below.

1. Connect your camera to your router with an Ethernet cable.

2. Power on the camera and wait 30 Seconds. 

3. With a paper clip or like object press the reset button on the side of the camera. Once done you should notice the power LED on the front of the camera turn off and then back on again.

4. Wait about 30 seconds and the Open the WiFI Baby setup utility on your MAC or PC. 

5. Highlight the camera when it appears and click Open. 

6. Click on settings and log in with the username

7. Using the quick-start guide you should now be able to re-setup your camera.

8.  Make sure to change your WiFi Baby's default password: WiFi Baby strongly recommends using a strong password. At a minimum this password should 8 characters in length with 

Upper case letter

Lower case letter


Special Character

cter ($, %, &, etc.)