If the WiFI Baby Setup software is not finding your camera make sure of a couple of things....  

  • Make sure your camera is connected to your WIFi Router with an Ethernet cable, powered on, and the power light on the front of the camera is Amber in color.

  • Occasionally a location will have more than one router, so make sure the camera is connected to the same router that provides the WiFi that you are connected to on your computer.

  • Make sure you are running the latest version of our setup software you can find the latest version on the main page of our web site at the very bottom of the page.

  • If the setup software is still not finding the camera, try to connect your computer using another Ethernet cable to the same router you have the camera connected to. Then try the setup software again.

  • If the camera is still not showing up for you our support team would be happy to help. Follow the link here to fill out a support request.