During the Wizard setup the camera attempts to detect the Wireless encryption type (WEP,WPA/WPA2) for your network. 

In some situations the wizard will not detect the correct encryption settings. This can be fixed in the settings area of the camera. 

Here is how...

1. Connect your camera to your router with an Ethernet cable.

2. Open the WiFi Baby Setup Utility again on your computer.

3. Once the camera is discovered, highlight it in the setup utility and click on Open.

4. Click on settings and log in. (by default the username is admin and the password is 1234)

5. Expand the network menu on the right.

6. Click on Wireless Setup.

7. Click Search in the main window.

8. Make a note of the Encryption and Authentication settings that are displayed for your network. 

9. Select the wireless network you want to connect to and hit apply. 

10.Verify that the wireless Encryption and Authentication settings are the same as you noted in step 8. 

*** NOTE if you noted WEP in step 8, you can determine the WEP settings by counting the numer of characters in your WEP key (password). Below is a chart...


Password is 5 Characters = WEP 64-bit, ASCII

Password is 10 characters = WEP 64-bit, HEX 

Password is 13 characters = WEP 128-bit , ASCII 

Password is 26 characters = WEP 128-bit HEX 


11. At the bottom type in your wireless pass key and then re-type it in the boxes provided.

12. Click Apply

13. Click Test

If all went well then the test will come back stating Wireless Connected. 

You should now be able to disconnect the Ethernet cable from the camera and you should be able to reach your camera on your wireless network.