When using the WiFi Baby app for iOS, The app is closed with a single click of the home button, however the apps audio continues to stream in background by default.  . 

This is a feature in the app named "Background Audio" which is automatically enabled as the majority of our customers still want to hear audio and notifications when they are multitasking.  

There are 2 ways to stop the audio from streaming after the app is closed.

1. Perform a force quit on the WiFi Baby app on your iOS device.

- Close the WiFi Baby app with a single click of the iPhone/iPad home button.

- Double click the iPhone/iPad home button.

- Find the WiFi baby app in the apps that appear and swipe the WiFi Baby app up and off the screen.

2. Disable the background audio feature in the WiFi Baby app.

- Open the app and hit the 3line/3dot icon at the upper left.

- On the menu that appears for your camera set the slider "Background Audio" to the left so it is no longer green.

- Close the app with a single click and the app should be completely closed.