WiFi Baby lets you stay connected via apps not only on iOS and Android but also on streaming media players. 

 With some you can downloaded the app directly to the device.  With others you can stream from your iOS or Android device to the media player. Option 1:  Download App Directly to Media  Player 

 With the following no mirroring or streaming from your iPhone or Android device is required. Just download the tinyCam Monitor Pro appenter your WiFi Baby monitor info (same you have in your iOS or Android apps) and you are set.  WiFi Baby supports multiple simultaneous connections; you can use this app while also staying connected on your iPhone, iPad or Android Device.

**For the following 3 devices:  Download tinyCam Monitor Pro > Follow our Setup Guide HERE ("Android Setup Guide").  The info you are entering is the same info that is currently in your iOS or Android apps (IP, away URL, username, password, etc.) 

Option 2: Mirroring via App > Media Player:

Option 3:  tinyCam Monitor Pro Android App > Google Cast > Media PlayerRead Google Cast Guide HERE

  • Android TV
  • Chromecast
  • Fire TV
  • Fire TV Stick

Option 4:  (iOS only households that own Chromecast) 

 Chromecast normally only works with Android devices viaGoogle Cast but we do have a workaround for those that only have iOS devices in their home. 

 The developers at tinyCam solutions have an iOS app called Baby Monitor for IP Camera that DOES stream to Chromecast. 

 You can download it here: Baby Monitor for IP Cameras

View More: http://thompsonphotographygroup.pass.us/wifi-baby-2015